Carril Clam of the Carril Shellfish Growers Trademark. Other Acknowledgments


Carril Clam of the Carril Shellfish Growers Trademark. Other Acknowledgments

Born on August 1, 2019, «The Carril Clam of the Carril Shellfish Growers» trademark became official, promoted by Carril shellfish growers. This seal of trust verifies the origin, quality, and traceability of the Carril clams. Its objective is to guarantee the customer that they are purchasing authentic Carril Clams, grown in an artisanal manner with professionalism and care, thus, ensuring the unique quality of the acquiring product and cannot be provided anywhere else.

Additionally, this seal makes it possible to differentiate these clams from any other in the market. It is, therefore, a tool that aims to guarantee the future of this sector, promoting and valuing a product that stands out for its meat yield, texture, and gastronomic quality.


Distinctive Mark

The quality seal identifies these products– the pullet carpet shell clam, the grooved carpet shell clam, the Japanese Littleneck clam, and the common cockle –as coming from the Carril shellfish growers’ culture farms. Simultaneously, it aims to preserve these shellfish growers’ 500-year history and heritage. Only the vendors accepting the conditions required by the Carril shellfish growers can use this seal.

Because of their region’s unique waters and growing method, the Carril Clam has become extremely well-known through the years for its exceptional quality. Nowadays, the seal guarantees the purchase made by consumers, who have come to associate the term «Carril Clam» with a specific species.


Dos líneas de acción

Two lines of action

The OPP obtained the seal to raise their products’ worth and prevent vendors from using the trademark «Carril Clam» improperly to improve their sales. In this context, they implemented this measure in two ways to cover the entire marketing chain:

  1. Promoting the use of the «Carril Clam of the Carril Shellfish Growers» trademark among sellers as a promotional technique for the benefits of the OPP affiliates’ products and their distinction between current and potential vendors.


  1. To establish a continuous flow of information to the market to transmit to the food and hospitality services, specifically to Canal HORECA, and to final consumers, the characteristics of the Carril Clam from the culture farms. It is presented as a rich, healthy, natural product from a traditional, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly culture, carrying these beliefs throughout its entire production, which holds tremendous popularity and tradition.


Integration in various types of organizations

Nowadays, the organization of Carril Shellfish Growers, with its trademark «Carril Clam,» is part of the Galician Food Cluster (CLUSAGA) since the food sector is one of Galicia’s strategic ones for its scope and its economic and social importance. In this framework, belonging to this entity allows them to receive benefits from the implementation of collaborative actions and projects, gaining massive reviews and thus strengthening the international competitiveness and visibility of the sector.



Among these bivalves’ promotional activities is the Clam Festival of the Carril, declared as a Festival of Tourist Interest of Galicia, which keeps tremendous popularity and tradition.

Additionally, Carril Shellfish Growers’ organization is a member of the Federation of Gastronomic Brotherhoods (FECOGA), which primary activity is the promotion of new guilds, creating fraternity bonds with other entities.

Within it is the Order of the Carril Clam, established in 2004, and represents, as the promotional flagship, the image and trademark «Carril Clam of the Carril Shellfish Growers.» Prominent political and gastronomic personalities belong to this organization.

Last but not least, the «Carril Clam» trademark belongs to the Spanish Federation of Wine and Gastronomic Brotherhoods (FECOES). In addition, the Order of the Carril Clam with the «Carril Clam» seal is part of the prestigious European Council of Enogastronomic Brotherhoods (CEUCO), which awarded Carril Shellfish Growers with the prize «AURUM Europa Excellence Enogastronomic 2021» in the category of European Artisanal Cultivators 2021 of sea products during the XVIII European Congress of Enogastronomic Brotherhoods in Verona, Italy. This award was one more recognition of the product’s excellence and quality, strengthening the promotional work.